Ruin Runner

Ruin Runner is an iOS game made using Unreal Development Kit. Players create a path by setting way points, then have thier character run along that path, dodging traps and avoiding obstacles.



    • Producer – Create schedule and work with team to keep pace of development
    • Lead Designer – Design mechanics and gameplay specifications
    • Content Designer – Create levels using game’s mechanics to their fullest


Level Design

Ruin Runner‘s levels were built to offer multiple pathways that offer different types of challenges. Below is the same map with two different paths through it highlighted. The first path takes longer but is safer while the second is shorter, with many more hazards.

The main difference between these paths is the kind of traps that are found along them.

Final Thoughts

Using the very first version of Unreal that supported mobile was a large risk from the beginning, and ended up costing a fair amount of development time. In terms of gameplay, there is solid potential here to make something interesting, but technical limitations at the time prevented much of this.