QA Work

Sparkypants Studios

Rigorously tested Dropzone from alpha through release and beyond. Playtested all content and systems in Dropzone, worked with devs to fix user issues, and created/maintained testing documentation and bug database information. Worked with team to meticulously test specific issues as needed

Games Launched

  • Dropzone

Stardock Corporation

Worked to test various hardware and software configurations of multiple titles. Playtested single and multiplayer content of various games as requested, provided feedback, and maintained testing documentation and bug database information

Games Launched

  • Ashes of the Singularity
  • Galactic Civilizations 3
  • Offworld Trading Company

Zenimax Online Studios

Worked as an embedded content tester performing smoke tests and gray-box testing on solo and group content across multiple platforms including PC and Xbox One. Worked closely with developers to improve gameplay experience, target issues highlighted by the community, and give player oriented feedback

Games Launched

  • Elder Scrolls Online