Power Tower

Power Tower is a capture the flag map made in Unreal Development Kit that focuses on vertical space, fast movement, and close quarters combat. Players climb to the top of a tower to reach the flags, are dropped back down to the bottom, and must scale the tower again with the flag to score.

Design Features

Most capture the flag maps tend to feature a lot of horizontal running because flags are placed at opposite ends of the map. I wanted to do something distinctly different, so I focused on vertical elements and tight spaces that forced combat. Weapon pickups get stronger as you rise in height, and the fastest way to the flags is within the small tower.

Strong Vertical Elements

    • Players spawn at the bottom of the map, but both flags are located at the top
    • Provided equipment becomes more powerful with increased height
    • Height differences even at ground level

Multiple Routes to the top

    • Central tower provides fast but dangerous route
    • Alternative route is slower but safer with more equipment

Short and intense battles

    • Close quarters combat
    • Race to acquire weapons

Video Runthrough

Below is a video to give you a better sense of how players move through this map.

The tower itself is transparent, allowing players to quickly see the position of both enemies and allies. Higher parts of the tower can be shot through as well, leaving players more exposed as they get closer to the flag. This can be used by players taking the alternate path to the top since they have a good vantage point, as well as access to long range weapons.

Final Thoughts

Power Tower turned into a very solid map. The map has a race-like quality to it thanks to the small size and rapid movement, and teamwork often happened organically thanks to the singular loop of the tower forcing teammates into confined spaces. As a general format, this map has a lot of potential for interesting gameplay, and further iterations would be quite fun to experiment with.