Elder Scrolls Online


Quite the Experience

In January of 2014 I began working at Zenimax Online Studios on Elder Scrolls Online. While technically an intern, I worked as an embedded tester performing smoke tests and gray-box testing on solo and group content across multiple platforms including PC and Xbox One. I also worked closely with developers to improve gameplay experience, target issues highlighted by the community, and give player oriented feedback. The video above shows a section of the game I tested of from its earliest implementations up to release and into post-launch.

Major Contributions

  • Game Launch
    • ESO launched with 20 overland zones, each with many dungeons, quests and towns. Each of these had to meet specific standards, and guidelines in terms of UI, gameplay, grouping, etc
  • Craglorn Expansion
    • ESO’s first large content expansion. I helped carry this new zone from inception to completion, keeping with the same quality standards used in the rest of the game
  • Dragonstar Arena
    • A ten stage arena built to challenge even the best of the best. Gave gameplay feedback to developers and wrote bugs regarding various gameplay issues
  • Xbox One preliminary testing
    • Set up console testing tools, and used them to perform smoke tests on daily builds and special builds as necessary