Crashland Heroes

Crashland Heroes is an endless runner for android. The game seeks to merge the the fun and fast paced action of an endless runner with the depth and intensity of an action-rpg.


    • Design Consultant – Worked with devs (mostly in the planning phases) to create game systems that worked well together, and were enjoyable for the player



One of my main roles was creating prototypes to test various mechanics. Below is a prototype testing out different weapon firing styles:

Firing styles in prototype:

  • Semi-auto Rifle (4)- Shoots as fast as you can pull the trigger. The damage of each shot depends on how much energy is in reserve when it is fired
  • Rocket Launcher (5) – Slow to reload, but gives feedback to player regarding reload status. Designed to have a rhythm to firing and reloading
  • Burst Rifle (6) – Each shot fires a three round burst. Energy is removed in discreet chunks each time a burst is fired, and chunks must recharge fully before it can be fired again. Energy level does not influence damage in any way
  • Super Repeater (7) – Firing rapidly reduces accuracy, but increases damage. Designed to be used differently depending on the situation

Level Design

Part of my role was figuring out how to strike a balance between authored and random content in regards to level design. In the end, it was decided to string together pre-constructed sets of enemies and obstacles to build levels at runtime. These could be created by hand, or procedurally generated in an editor based on certain restrictions.

While some elements were the same each time a pattern was loaded, some things such as the contents of a breakable pot or the behavior of an enemy could be random within a certain range of options. This allowed for both fine control, as well as random interactions from within the same set of tools.

Final Thoughts

My time with Crashland Heroes was enjoyable, but difficult. The main development team lived in Portugal, and thus time and language differences proved challenging during development. Through the use of playable demos and image-based documentation I was able to communicate effectively.