About Me

A bit about me

Hello! Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio, here’s a bit about me:

I’m originally from upstate New York, but am currently living just outside Baltimore. Before moving to Maryland I studied game design at Champlain College in Vermont, where I majored in Electronic Game Design.  While there I had a strong focus on game production, typically working in teams to build small games over the course of several weeks. Primarily I acted as creative director, system designer, and level designer, but I’ve also worked as producer or programmer when necessary. During my third year I studied abroad in Montreal, afterward working there over the summer to develop CUBE with Concordia University. I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design.

When not playing or working on games I try to stay as active as possible. I enjoy skiing, backpacking, swing dancing, rock climbing, and have even gone skydiving. I also try to continue learning as much as possible, frequenting educational websites such as TED, Sci-show, Idea Channel, and Khan Academy in order to gain fresh perspectives and learn new ideas.